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Thursday, October 11th 2007

12:46 PM

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New RSS feed for my website Entry for September 08, 2007
Now I set my blog up with an RSS feed on my web site . You can also go to the bottom of this blog page and subscribe by clicking on the rss button. You can subscibe to the RSS feed on my website and click XML button to subscribe and get more update info than just the yahoo blog. With my reconstruction of my web page (still much to do) I am getting many more visitors and it is eciting to see where you are all from, so once at my site please go through the pages and use the various feedback and input methods available. I want to hear from you and would love to have you join in ministry to reach the world In Pentecostal power.
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What is this "1260 day" period? Entry for August 11, 2007
What is this "1260 day" period?  Entry for August 11, 2007 magnify

sometimes it is hard to understand why it is so hard for Christians to get the point. God's people are most of the time in disobedient to God. It sometimes is difficult to read over and over again how HIS people disobey him so often. God is always raising up unbelieving nations to generally punish Israel. Finally carrying them off in that 70 years of captivity.

Some want to try to make 1260 days to be 1260 years based on some rule they think should apply across the board. All this is fine except one thing. Time changes in the Last Days. The Jubilee calendar ended, some think in 1994. Research seems to say this is close enough for govt work. What ever, point is we left old style and now are in the new style of time keeping. 42 months is 42 months. 7 yr trib is just that 7 yrs. We moved into a literal time counting form because God is now not dealing with a great deal of time and we ZOOM in as it were we that speak computer. So now so much is happening trying to make a day be a yr is a bit stupid to say the least.

The TWO Witnesses are not going to minister for 1260 yrs either. These TWO are real people.

In Lev. 26 the 4th level of disobedience God say what he plans to do. Now God has a behavior pattern that does not change with time. He is the same back then as he is today and will be the same towards the end of the 1000 yr reign of Jesus. IN Lev 26 God explain what he intends for a whole CHURCH meaning every Christians alive. God has been keeping track. Nothing has slip by him. Prayers of persecuted saints by other saints has not gone unheard. What I am telling yo is written in the Bible but is not really cared about for teaching or studying. After all when you go to church don't you just want to sing and here how you can have a better life today? Hardly yo will want to here how yo are perhaps even worse in disobedience to God than your ancestor Christians.

The coming one world govt is not spending an incredible amount of time and money designing and building facilities that will be mainly for executing Christians or holding them for slave labor and re-education. The armies in position today to the tune of many millions are ready to round you up. This process is not to be sweet and nice to you as the people doing the rounding up are already predisposed to put it lighty hate your guts. I mild way to put it is what we hear is Durfar is like a trip to Disneyland compared to what will be happening to Christians.

Why is God going to allow such things to happen? Why should you ask? History says Christians have not been treated well during certain periods. Bible says often how Israel's enemies were relentless in cause suffering to them.

The promise of eternal life does not give you a free ticket home when there is such a price to pay. Now of course should yo die believing Jesus is the Son of God them all rules apply and Heaven is yours, but through death's gate which is a story in itself.

You remaining alive are so incredibly filthy and not clean which death's gate's job is to do. So you need to be cleaned alive while you are still breathing. No place does it say you miss the trib, this false doctrine began in 1830 by an occultist named Margarette who in a drean saw Rapture pretrib. Darby made this fairly acceptable doctrine in 1840's.

The Bible says there are 2 raising of the dead, one for those who died knowing Jesus and the other for those died not knowing him. (accepting or not accepting). The can not be a 3rd rising so that believers can miss the trib altogether.

No matter the wish of the Church satan's work on Earth is not going to be a waste of time for him. He new he can do these things to the Saints and do them he will. God gave him permission. For yo to get to Heaven you can not go with your body so filthy. You may believe you are forgiven and so you are, but you live in your filth of present and past sins that are only symbolically washed in the BLOOD. Death's Gate literally washes you in the BLOOD. So a washing you must go though and imagine jumping in to a washing machine with the harsh soaps that can get out the worse of stains.

God set 1260 days to wash you in the BLOOD. He is sending the TWO WITNESSES to tell you things you should know already but you wil hate what they tell you. You wil ljoin with anitchrist to try to kill them. Many of you will turn your backs on Jesus.

At the start of the trib the TWO will turn off the WATER this will FEEL like Jesus forsook you. This you hardly can accept, then major deception hit since you no longer have the FEELING Jesus is with you anymore. You will believe these deception in massive numbers. God will send an army of restorers to you to give you a come back call not wishing to loose even one of you,, but many will fully reject Jesus.

This 1260 days is to spank you for 2000 yrs of Churchwide disobediance yours being even worse though you can't image this. When this 1260 days are over there could be as many as 75 more days before the RAPTURE actually happens.

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Typical Homophobe Entry for July 28, 2007
Typical Homophobe Entry for July 28, 2007 magnify

Typical Homophobe

Show Recent Messages (F3)

gays4jesus: 78,500 web pages on these 2 by just using their names (referring to all modern versions are satan counterfeit bibles.)

gays4jesus: sorry wrong window (referring to this was to go into another chat window, but pop ups makes the typing go into the current pop up), why should I be impressed by what you say?

Dana Bulgin: I'm not trying to impress you at all

Dana Bulgin: Just telling u the plain old truth

gays4jesus: yes you are you are trying to make it look like you know something about the Bible, but to me you are about a stupid as one can get concerning God's word

gays4jesus: and now that I see your picture my first impression is you are a hooker so why should I listen to a prostitute

Dana Bulgin: I'm not trying, I do know this much that ur username does not reflect the gospel or the character of Christ

Dana Bulgin: and I'm not even shouting

gays4jesus: you no nothing at all there are 14 verses you use to condemn gays yet I did not see any attempt by you to explain how you get gays into any of them

The Bible does not condemn gays, everyone in the world has been conditioned to this for 700 yrs by a doctrine invented by a few powerful Catholic leaders for evil gain" 100 yrs later it was adopted by the Prostestants. All 14 verses used against gays does not talk about gays.

here is the word used in 7 of the 14 verses used by those that think gay is sin

6945 qadesh (kaw-dashe'); from 6942; a (quasi) sacred person, i.e. (technically) a (male) devotee (by prostitution) to licentious idolatry: KJV-- sodomite, unclean.

Dana Bulgin: well thats a photo of me on a school trip in Curacao and thats not the point

Representatives of you is always the point if you claim you are a Christian all things about you are subject to the potential person coming to Christ by seeing you. You need to explain why what you wear is not bad.

gays4jesus: you use verses for male temple prostitutes and gang rapists

6945 qadesh (kaw-dashe'); from 6942; a (quasi) sacred person, i.e. (technically) a (male) devotee (by prostitution) to licentious idolatry: KJV-- sodomite, unclean.

This is the key word in 7 of the 14 verses people use to say gay is sin.

Dana Bulgin: Well my dear God is using the hooker tonight

Indicative you believe prostitution is not sin

Dana Bulgin: and if I were u I would listen

For complete text go to http://gays4jesus.com/

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A sure way to know "Gay is not Sin" Entry for July 27, 2007
A sure way to know "Gay is not Sin"   Entry for July 27, 2007 magnify

I have an ongoing challenge to any that truely believe gay is sin. I can not convince you no matter what FACTs I tell or show you. Testimony is useless of all the wonderful things God through Jesus Christ does in gay Christians' lives. Original Hebrew or Greek used in the Bible is a waste of time showing you. You have made up your minds that gay is sin and nothing can perswade you to dig into the reasons why you believe this.

So, why not bypass our brians altogether and just let God show you? I am not going into a spert of wishful thinking. So can we get to the bottom of this issure? Yes we can and it is really simple. But the solution is next to impossible because you or your church bans any gay minister to speak unless they come to get delieved or accept what you think about gays that it is sin.

But it is easy and more than air and really pretty much one sided into your favor. My challenge is you invite me and only me (well maybe my lover will be there after all wives are usually around their pastor husbands aren't they?). So you have all your congregation and all your ministry team by whatever name you call them and your pastor to operate, perform, fast/pray, teach, preach, lay hand on to cast out deliever or what ever your faith involves, bring up statics, history, real life sory, ex-gays and what ever your faith think it can do to present gay is sin and asking God to manifest in some manner that you are right and take as long as you need (fasting usually means more than one meal) I will for myself cooperate, respect, allow, accept your hands onto me for the laying on of hands, and listen intently to any info from any source you use as you present your case to me and before God.

After you are satified you have done all and any reasonable space of time to let your prayers kick in (we are coming together not to operate in status quo where no visible answer may never be seen to anyones view or each party can claim victory). I expect you to abide by a time frame that wil not ruin people work life or family life routine for any unacceptable time periods. This means mostly likely one day to 3 days. I personally will need I figure a few minutes to a few hours. I can not imagine I need that many hours to explain anything. For my intention is to show you gay is not sin. You already proven to me you won't listen, thatis the whole point of us meeting in this challenge. Talk gets us nowhere.

So, this effort is to get God to move in a manner that convinces everyone in your church gay is for sure sin or gay is postively not sin. If you are not a Pentecostal church, then yo may not understand that God does move and he does move TODAY.

Warning! I am not come to play nice pastor man with intent of giving warm fuzzies. You are killers with 630 million counts of murder on your hands. Christians are not the judge jury and executioners. I come to show you how God feels. I am not God and I am not come to show you how I feel. If Ishow you how I feel I show what you know anyone can display, upsetness anger frustration whinning complaining and other human displays that is allowable for decent Christian folk. I am NOT a cult or someone supplied with device that could harm. I am not come to vent any of what I may feel you deserve on to you. I am come to let God show himself. Moses stood at the Red Sea held out his staff and did nothiing else. Moses did not put a sump pump in that see.

I have a ace up my sleeve I come to cheet on this challenge because it can not be a challenge if I know the outcome. But in fairness I make this chalenge so you can see the Lord move in your mist and so you make repent in time as the hour is late.

Moses did not go to Pharoh to heal any diseases or bapptize anyone in the Holy Spirit. He did not go to turn a few fishes into enough to feed everyone. He was sent to sya what God will do if they don't set his people free.

This is not Moses' day and I am not Moses' (I am nobody) If God send such people to you they will have choices of what to say concerning what God will do or not do. And they will lsay it as oftem as they like. Moses was told 10 specific things to say about what God was going to do. These that are sent to you today God intends to trust them and do what they command him to do. The mouths of the new messengers speak and it is done.

Garantee you with out lifting an arm JUST with my mouth life as you know it will be changed. However, I am not a robot and I loove Jesus and he is really really neat and so wonderful I will be actively attempting to perswade you so I won't have to operate in my given authority.

So, now am I a fruit cake, a nut, well maybe. This is what you deside. Do you ever plan to put your Christian walk where your mouth is? You say gays are possessed, so cast out the demon(s), you say you trust God, then act in your faith, you say you love the gay person, then explain how you get gays into they verse you say condemn gays.

You can act now or you can wait. It will not be fun now, can you image what it will be like if you wait? Read Lev. 26 and see God's process over 6000 years of disobediance. The Church today is in the 4th level of disobediance to God and there are 1260 days set in stone to come to spank the Church (Christians).

Invite me, perhaps you will invite me to hear me as a man of God and so learn of the things to come and be ready for them. The church is far from ready, they that will rule the world are in power and they have in place convincing things they would perswade God's elect if they are not WATCHING. Churches almost all of them yours too are given over to antichrist some more knowing other have no clue their activiities are directly support a one world religion. Want Healings, want God to move in a manner more to your expectations, invite me to preach as you would invite aany minister to come to your church to minister to you. Want to accept my challenge you will also see God move. Do nothing and the 1260 will hit you like a 18 wheeler at 60 miles an hour while you and your loved one stand in its path having no idea it is coming.

Get ready people the TWO are about to Meet once they meet the Clock starts ticcket again. Possibly in 1994 that Clock stopped because after that date antichrist's kingdom was ready enough to start..

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Invite Gays to give Testimony Entry for December 08, 2006
Invite Gays to give Testimony   Entry for December 08, 2006 magnify

The most unusal act for those professing to be born again believers in the Lord Jesus Christ is that of refusing to allow someone to give their testimony that claims to be Christian just because they are gay.

It would seem the best way at getting to truth is to see it first hand in operation. Making all sorts of claims gay is sin and using certain verses to try to prove it is still misses the point. Anyone can argue Scripture. We se so many denominatins showing this. We hardly can agree on the fundalmental basic of our faith between denomination so why are we  fighting so hard to prove some sort of poiint about some issue.

Why not inside test the spirits. Let see if gay is sin by lives lived. We never miss to profess Jesus came into our lives and changed it and that we have many things since we accepted Jesus demonstrating Jesus changes lives. Long lists of standard all incompassing changes and directions demonstrating something indeed happened.

We happily testify often of answered prayer and miracles happeing in our lives helping every fascet of our lives and with our family. Churches the world over often set time asside  just for people to tell what Jesus is doing in their lives.

Books are written that we love to read about certain kinds of breaking out of bondages familiar to all whether spiritually or physically. Deliverance from real prisons. Physical healing. The list can go on and on.

Other testimonies included in Pentecostal circles get deep into prophecy and word of knowledge where believers believe God speaks through people about specifics of specific people. Tipical in a Pentecostal church the pastor or minister will call a specific person up to give word from God and we are led to believe God spoke specifically to that minister to call up a specific person by name or by pointing and saying you thats right you come up here.

As Christian watch the years go by their testimoies grow daily with more of the above or simply continued comfort of the presence of Jesus in their lives in a real way helping with ordinary things.

We almost never question a testimony, though we may doubt some or revert to atheists view and try explaining some of them are really due to normal every day occurances that happen to saved and unseaved  alike. But over all we accept those around us during testimony time as having real experiencing with the Lord Jesus Christ.

So why then have no problem with your testimony time at your church do you feel you need to ban certain people from speaking. Or you set an atmosphere that a gayperson would feel like if he stated God is with him and this is whathe has done in my life that you would attack them with words that would send them running in terror. So gays in your church must edit their testimonies to fit the status quo modifying events to sound inline with tipical straight reteric.

You see if gays were given opportunity to testify and give account of their faith in Christ Jesus even those gays not have not gotten much more info concerning gays than tipical straight Christians that think gay is sin. It is the same conditioning you grew up with and the churches they go to is the same ones you go to.  Though many gays actually believe like you because up this universal upbringing they have made or are making peace with God in their ways and living the best they can as a gay person having a life as any str8 has in the seeking of love with someone.

These can testify of the good things God has done in their lives in their walk with God through Jesus Christ. They will tell you very similar testimonies you have in your wolk with Christ.

Now many gays not satisfied with the constant condemnation and desire to seek deeper into Christ for truth on this issue and discovered gay is not sin often know the Bible better than most and know many facts in history and much more. Gays get that extra priviledge because str8s often have no idea they are gay and so treat them like str8 buddies and condfide eer so much in them. Gays are surrounded by str8s from all sides and so there is nothing you do or say that is not known to them. They are experts on str8 life because they rub shoulder with str8s every day of their lives.

With so much condemnation of gays has the opposite effect as desired by those saying gay is sin would desire to have as an outcome. Gays basically have little choice but to study. Their lives depends on it. Contrary to what those tinking gay is sin think gays do not take Jesus lightly, Jesus is the Son of God and the truth the way and the life and there is no other way to eternal life all other ways are lies. So gays do not justify as is commonly believed, but they have to go for broke.  Gay people are not bent on evil or mock truth. They are like you. Would you seek info and when found thatinfo condemns you and the info in absolutely truth would you then cover it up and invent explainations so that you make that truth disappear?

A Christian into astrology reads astrologers will burn would stop looking to astrology for guidense. I was amazed a very long time ago at what seemed impossible in a scientific mind that stars can pretty tell all about you and your fate. But yet astoundenly astrology works as does so many ooccultic beliefs. But being a new Christian and seeiing the Bible so huge I asked God to show me. I just simply can not accept somebody telling me something like it is sin. I know too much. It works there is something behind these things that ultimately must be scienticficly proven.  However, God answered my prayers and sure enough astrologers will burn and no matter how much you investigate astrolers it comes out astrologer. Hebrew Greek ancient times constistant non changing not realy evolving to be differnt just still astrology and there fore God says is sin. In this kind of case yes beyond doubt do not go to these people.

Gays use the Bible and get into the ancient language. Plenty of ancient language experts around and so info is available. There is a wealth of info out there at your fingertips today, not that long ago it was harder to get but available. Now you have to look at many sources weeding out soources that do not rely on crewntialed sources.

So there are lot of gays that knows their stuff and so you as a Christian thinking gay is sin needs to consider when you tell someone gay is sin they just may know a few tings about the facts surounding thise issue. It is you that is most likely not to know much about what the bible is saying on issues you just don't look into other than sources supporting your views.

All Christians gays have testimonies. Many gays have it bad because of people saying gay is sin and it is directly in front of their faces daily. Like a Muslim becoming a Christian in some area could result in their family killing them or at least terrorizing them. These testimonies are common. So is being a Christian sin because of the pain a ex-muslim feels after becoming a Christian and they do not have resorces or support groups to go to just family and  friends condemning them. NO it is the persecutors that briing the pain as with gays that are in dire straights because those around them hate gays and they have no way to get help. It is not gay is sin that makes them in pain, it is people like you that believe gay is sin and refuse to answer simple questions about simple facts.

Gays that accept themselves and have put on the whole armor of faith and can answer your accusations with fact have a full fledge testimony that is rich with everything you with your faith in Christ have. They can tell you of tough times and good times and cover what you cover. They have the same miracles and answered prayers you have. Thay have family and every thing. Your job would be to figure out how can this be. You belief is gay is sin so how can God do this to someone you think is so blantantly live in unrepented sins.

So far you do not see testimonies so in chat or in passing you claim the gay person just can't have these things happeing. Your only recourse is to say they are justifying their sions. It is like you close your ears and call them liars. you think satan has to have healed them or answered their prayers. If gays speak in tongues you claim it is tongues of satan.

So come now those gays that not only know the Bible but are called to speak out and actually have authority in Christ Jesus. These are prepared to go beyond simple testimony of their walk in Jesus Christ but to wheeled to sword of the Spirit. Beware should such a one come to your church. They have nothing in them about any sort of secular gay rights movement. It is God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy  Spirit that matters to them.

These that come will offer you a challenge to redem your claims that gay is sin by operating in your faith. You may believe you can not evoke God to move that he will move in his own time, but these gay Christians believe God's time has come and know he will move.

The best program would be to offer to gay Christians to come give testimony unconditionally at your church. I ppersonally believe you are to late. Now is the time for unpresidented action. Secular gays had to fight long and hard for decades while gay Christains slep. We love the saying becareful enemy of the USA don't wake the sleeping giant.

Gays have been of in the gay Christian closet. Plenty of gay churches quite safe for closeted gay Christians and policies of not making waves. At times some waves have been made and some pick away at the homophobic monster. But generally gay Christians as a whole have been a sleeping giant. God during this time that these gays were sleeping (just doing as you playing church) were being trained by God. A sleeping army of believers not yet understanding their call. Soon this army will be woken and sent on the mission they were trained for which is restoring fallen away Christians. Soon a day will hit us nearly over night where huge numbers of Christians will fall away turning their backs on Jesus. God is not about to let these just perish altogether and so has been many decades preparing an army in secret.

First will come a few that get a foot in the door that heretofore has been sealed shut for them. Maybe just one pastor will slip up and let one of these in. These have the authority to operate in God in a manner not seen even in the Aposles day.  They will not doo anything as it were spectacular, but will offer a challenge.

It is simple enough if Chrisians believe gay is sin whether demon possesion or what ever and they thnk the Bible condemns gays, then they (their whole congregation with pastor leading) do all they know. Preach, cast out demon. call on God, call on Jesus, operate all they know how in the Holy Spirit, and lay on hands and what ever they believe in their faith. Seems simple enough. What is so  hard to believe is why haven't Christians believing gays is sin brought to the forefront gay Christians that are deeply rooted in Christ Jesus and test them, test their testimonies, test their walk. The let them speak, let them ask you questions, let them call on God let them call on Jesus and operate in the Holy Spirit.

What is the difficulty, if it is a demon or satan involvement victory is yours hands down. Demons tremble for your faith would far exceed what any demon even the worst of demons. Do you really believe some demons can't be moved by Christians. Jesus tells you how. What are you going to do if instead it is obvious that God is with that gay person?

My challenge is on going I am willing to submit my self to any actual pastor and congregation that is of the acceptable Christian churches. It is a 2 way street once your church is done with me however much time you need then I get the same opportunity to do likewise to you.

Once again I am amazed at how many Christians have come to me (over 700,000) yet none bold enough in their faith to act in their faith and do real Christian real God real Jesus real Holy Spirit actions. We believe but we are ashamed or fearful or what. Headquarter will fire the pastor if he lets a gay person speak even if the church had their way with me trying to get God to move and or trying to  prove gay sin.

So I ask open up your church ask your pastor) to let gays give testimonies) or invite a gay Christian stong in the Lord to speak. As for me I also have much information that may save your faith in the coming days. Soon such shaking that has never been seen before will come and you will be here and it will terrorize you. Deceptions are coming many are here. Counterfeit bible are in widespread use today. Were taught we


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