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"Gays For Jesus" The Stables Ministries

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Chief atheist for 27 yrs, Pentecostal in Assemblies of God since January 1974 Preaching weekly on TV since March 1986, over 200 pastors prophesied over me good things from God that have come to pass, had 3 major dramatic physical healings, had 1000s of answered prayers, over 700,000 people have came to me in a few year period of time. Counseled with 1000s of str8 Christians who saw my screen name and wanted my counseling to better their Life with Christ including parents upbringing their kids iin Christ Jesus counseling. No country exist that at least one person has watched my TV program.
Name: "Gays For Jesus" The Stables Ministries <gays4jesus@gays4jesus.com>

Age: 71 Years Old (1/30/1947)
Location: Seattle

  • people that refuse to explain why the get a Bible word to mean gay